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Fallen legionnaire



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Yannick Dalmas


Larrousse-Ford LH94




1994 Italian GP


This is yet another talented French F3 champion who drowned in F1 because of his allegiance to miss Madeleine, faithfully dedicating his efforts to midfield outfits from la patrie. You can complete the 'Dalmas list' with Grouillard, Bernard, Comas, Gounon, Lagorce, and the likes. The Dalmas of 1994 is a Dalmas very much on his way out of F1. When he replaced Alliot (who in turn had replaced the out-of-funds Olivier Beretta) at Monza, he had already made quite a name for himself in sportscar racing, winning Le Mans twice on the trot and becoming the 1992 World Sports Prototype Champion for Peugeot.

Today, Yannick remains an endurance driver to be reckoned with, with four Le Mans victories to his credit, more than any other active driver. As Porsche's most important works driver he is found clashing with the Silver Arrows of Bernd Schneider and Klaus Ludwig in the FIA GT Championship.