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Another one of France's wasted generation



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Jean-Marc Gounon


Minardi-Ford M193




1993 Japanese GP


This is Gounon's debut F1 race for Minardi, replacing Christian Fittipaldi. Here we see him entering the daunting 130R corner at Suzuka.

This former French F3 champion had made quite a name for himself in F3000, winning races for Lola, which was definitely not the chassis to have. So cash-ridden Giancarlo Minardi, attracted by Gounon's French government anti-tobacco law funds, decided to give the talented 30-year-old a shot in one of his cars. His two races for Minardi were meant as a precursor to a full F1 campaign in 1994 but this never happened. He got a second chance at Simtek, replacing the unlucky Montermini (who had stepped in to replace poor Roland Ratzenberger) but the car was hopeless.

Since then Gounon has been a faithful supporter of GT racing, first showing his skill in a Michelotto Ferrari in the BPR GT Championship, and lately in the FIA championship for Mercedes, pairing up with fellow lost talent Christophe Bouchut.